If you’re worried about protecting your home in a crime hotspot, you’re not alone. Crime rates can vary greatly from one neighbourhood to the next and even within the same city. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the crime rate in your area and take steps to protect your home accordingly.

Here are eight useful tips for protecting your home in a crime hotspot:

1. Install Security Cameras and Alarms

One of the best ways to protect your home is to install security cameras and alarms. This will deter criminals from targeting your home and will also help the police to identify and apprehend them if they do break in.

2. Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked at All Times

Make sure to keep your doors and windows locked at all times, even when you’re home. Many burglaries happen during the day when people are at work or school, so criminals know that there’s a good chance no one will be home.

3. Don’t Leave Valuables in Plain Sight

Don’t leave valuables in plain sight, such as electronics or jewellery. If a criminal can see them, they’re more likely to target your home. Instead, keep them hidden away in a safe or locked cabinet.

4. Keep Your Yard Well-Lit

A well-lit yard is less inviting to criminals and makes it easier for neighbours or the police to spot suspicious activity. Consider installing motion-sensor lights around your property.

5. Get to Know Your Neighbors and Watch Out for Each Other

One of the best ways to deter crime is to create a sense of community in your neighbourhood. Get to know your neighbours and watch out for each other. If you see something suspicious, don’t hesitate to call the police.

6. Join or Start a Neighbourhood Watch Program

Many neighbourhoods have organised neighbourhood watch programs. If yours doesn’t, consider starting one. This is a great way to get to know your neighbours and keep an eye out for each other.

7. Report Any Suspicious Activity to the Police

If you see anything suspicious in your neighbourhood, don’t hesitate to call the police. They would rather investigate a false alarm than have a crime go unreported.

8. Replace Any Worn Out Locks

If your locks are old or worn out, they may not be as effective at deterring criminals. Consider replacing them with new, high-quality locks. This is especially important if you live in an apartment or condo, as your unit may be more vulnerable to break-ins.


If you live in a crime hotspot, there are several things you can do to protect your home. First, make sure your home is well-lit, both inside and out. This will deter criminals from attempting to break in. Second, install a security system. This will not only deter criminals but will also help to keep your family safe in the event of a break-in. Finally, make sure you have a good locksmith. A locksmith can help you to secure your home and give you peace of mind.

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