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Safe & Vault services in Moreton Bay Region

Coast to Country Locksmiths specialize in a wide range of safe services, including safe combination changes, safe key cutting, safe installations, safe openings, and much more. Whether you need a high-security safe supplier, a locksmith for safe opening, or emergency safe locksmith services, we’ve got you covered.

CMI Safe supplied and installed by Coast to Country Locksmiths

Our Safe Services

Emergency Safe Locksmiths

Are you looking to change the existing combination on your safe? Our expert locksmiths can change the combination on both mechanical dial locks and also digital locks on safes and vaults. Our team can also provide safe key cutting services for additional keys when required.

Safe Combination Changes and Key Cutting

Are you locked out of your safe? Our 24/7 emergency safe locksmith services ensure that you regain access to your valuable possessions as quickly as possible. We have the tools and knowledge required to open many common brands of safes.

Commercial and Residential Safe Locksmith Services

Our locksmiths are experienced in providing safe locksmith services for both commercial and residential clients. Whether you need a safe for your business or home, we have the expertise to install, repair, or open it.

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Safe Sales

In addition to our locksmith services, we also offer a wide selection of high-security safes for sale. We can assist you in finding the perfect safe to meet your security needs for both commercial and residential applications. As trusted security safe supplier in the Moreton Bay Region, we provide high quality safes that are designed to protect your assets from theft and damage.

Safe Installation

Proper installation of your safe is crucial to its security. Our safe installers ensure your safe is securely placed and anchored for maximum protection.

Safe Suppliers

Our Trusted Safe Partners

CMI Safes Co Austrlaia

– Residental and Commercial Solutions

– Safes, Vault Doors, Cabinets, Deposit boxs, Key Safes

– Australian Owned Since 1946

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Dominator Safes

– Residental and Commercial Solutions

– Safes, Gun Safes , Cabinets, Deposit boxs, Drug Safes

– High-end Custom Safes

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– Residental and Commercial Solutions

– Safes, Gun Safes , Cabinets, Deposit boxs, Drug Safes

– Affordable High Grade Solutions

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– Residental and Commercial Solutions

– Safes, Deposit boxs, Key Safes, Hotel Safes

– German Produced 

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