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Master & Restricted Key Systems Guide

What are they?

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are a great way to ensure that all of the locks in your office, home, or other property are secured and organized. Coast to Country Locksmiths offers tailored master key systems to meet your specific needs..

Master key systems use multiple pins in each lock cylinder to allow more than one key to operate the lock. Before installing a master key system first the locksmith will design a code chart corresponding with locks and keys required by the client. Then the design proses can begin. With a master key system, a single key can be used to unlock multiple locks, while allowing the user to maintain control over which locks can be opened. These systems can be designed for basic houses all the way up high rise complex’s with hundreds of locks.

Designed and engineered with a focus on added strength, increased security, exceptional new features to allow for a seamless user experience, and modern aesthetics to complement the latest trends.

Carbine Sigma x restricted keys