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Improve your security with digital locks from Coast to Country Locksmiths. With a large range of suppliers including McGrath locks, Dorma Kaba, Lockwood, Yale, Assa Abloy, Carbine, and Borg Locks.  We provide quality residential and commercial digital lock solutions for a range of applications. Our advanced keyless locks offer simple access control, combining convenience with superior protection.

Benefits of Digital Locks

Smart digital locks operate by requiring users to input a code, swipe a card, or use a fingerprint scanner to gain access. This not only provides an improved level of security but also offers the convenience of keyless entry. This feature alone is why a large number of short-term rentals like Airbnb’s add a digital lock for convenience and once the rental time is up the code can be changed.

One of the great features of digital locks is their programmability. Users can grant access to specific individuals at designated times or restrict access to certain areas. This flexibility makes them an ideal choice for securing doors, safes, cabinets, and other high-security zones. Smart digital locks now offer a phone app that allows easy remote programming.

With an increasing focus on home security, digital locks are becoming popular in residential houses and units. Offering an added layer of protection against intruders, these locks are becoming a preferred choice for homeowners seeking advanced security solutions.

Adding a Wi-Fi Gateways with a smart digital lock will allow property owners remote access through phone apps. This feature is particularly beneficial for properties such as Airbnb or short-term rentals, allowing for seamless management without physical presence. As most digital locks use a Bluetooth connection, a Wi-Fi gateway allows the lock to connect to the properties internet and make is easy to program anywhere

McGrath Locks Digital ML-NX5
Lockwood Cortex Digital lock installed

Different Types Of Keyless Locks

Mechanical Digital locks

These locks utilise a fully mechanical mechanism that dose not require power or batteries. These locks are best suited to harsh weather environments and high traffic areas. Brands we trust include Lockwood, Carbine, and Borg locks.


Basic Digital Locks

Basic digital locks often offer a range of inputs including pin, swipe card and key override. They cannot be connected to smart phones or offer Bluetooth connectivity. Yale, Carbine, Lockwood and Dorma Kaba are brands that our team trust.


Smart Digital Locks

With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity these locks offer a wide range of features all programmed by a phone app. Common smart lock features include pin code, swipe card, fingerprint recognition, key override, and remote opening. Coast to Country Locksmiths supply McGrath locks, Yale, Lockwood, and Schlage for smart digital locking solutions.

Borg Locks

Borg Locks is a market leader in the innovative design and manufacture of trusted access control solutions. Established over 20 years ago, Borg Locks has built a name for quality, functionality, and performance at affordable prices. The Borg digital lock range is ideal for both commercial and domestic applications, offering strong security solutions.

Renowned for their marine grade series, Borg Locks extensively tests their products to ensure they withstand even the harshest environments. Whether you need a reliable mechanical digital lock or a durable digital gate lock, Borg Locks delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

Borg Digital Gate Lock

Lockwood DX Series

The DX range from Lockwood provide a mechanical method of keyless entry that incorporates a quality mechanism suitable for residential and commercial applications. Each code can be simply changed to any 4 – 6 digit code using the code changing kit provided with each lock. Lockwood have engineered the DX series to work with a variety of different doors and gates with a wide range of accessories including, cover plates, key override kits, and common lock adaptor kits available.

Lockwood Digital DX

Selecting the right digital lock.

Coast to Country Locksmiths have a large network of suppliers to source the latest in digital locking solutions. This insures that our clients have the best solution for there needs. The following is a list of a few brands that we supply and trust.


McGrath Locks

McGrath Locks are one of Australia’s leading digital lock suppliers. With many different models now available for residential and commercial applications we can provide a suitable solution. In addition, the TTlock phone app is used for programming and makes it simple to change passwords at any time. The McGrath Locks Wi-Fi bridge can also allow remote code changes which is ideal for Air BNB or short term rentals.

More information on McGrath Locks is avalible here.


Carbine Next Generation

The CEL range from Carbine offer a basic, reliable, and easy to use locking solution that has been proven for many years. Carbine offers 3 models in the CEL range consisting of, Deadbolt, Leveret, and Mortice lock. This makes it simple to choose which device is best suited to your needs. The CEL series also feature a key override (if the batteries go flat) that insures you can get back inside without a hassle.

More information is available here at Carbine Next Generation


Lockwood / Assa Abloy

Lockwood / Assa Abloy are a well trusted brand in Australia as they have been around for many years and have set the standard for high quality products. Ass Abloy offer both mechanical and electronic locking solutions to cover a range of applications for internal and external use. Lockwood have focused on commercial locking devices and have designed there locks to withstand constant use. 

More Lockwood information can be found here


Borg Locks

Borg Locks specialize in weather resistant mechanical digital locks. Constructed with heavy duty components and a easy to use keypad, the Borg lock range offers a great solution if you are close to the coast line or out in harsh conditions. With mechanical locks there is no need for batteries or power supply, additionally to change code combinations all that is needed is the quick change key and takes moments to change combinations.

Here is some more information on Borg Locks



Dorma Kaba have designed there digital locks with a sleek finish and also having many features included. Some of the key features include, Bluetooth connectivity, RFID card access, Pin code access and mechanical override keys. The M series is also fire rated for up to 2 hours which makes it a great option for units that have to comply with the Australian standards.

More information can be found at DormaKaba

Make Access Control Simple

Smart digital locks represent the next step in security technology, offering a customizable and secure solution for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you’re seeking remote access control or short-term rental management capabilities, digital locks provide a modern and effective answer to your security needs. Explore the possibilities with McGrath Locks, Borg Locks Australia, Lockwood Assa Abloy, Carbine, and other leading brands, and let Coast to Country Locksmiths guide you through the seamless integration of digital lock technology.