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Choosing the right locks for commercial properties is crucial for maintaining security and protecting valuable assets. With a wide range of lock options available, it’s important to understand the factors to consider when selecting. In this comprehensive guide, we explore different types of locks, security levels, key systems, and access control options to help you choose the most suitable locks for your commercial property.

Assess Security Needs and Risk Factors

Before selecting locks for your commercial property, conduct a thorough assessment of your security needs and risk factors. Consider factors such as the property’s location, industry, foot traffic, and valuable assets to determine the level of security required.

High-security locks, such as deadbolt locks, are recommended for commercial properties with high-risk factors, while medium-security locks may be sufficient for low-risk environments. Assessing your security needs helps you determine the appropriate level of protection required for your commercial property.

Types of Locks for Commercial Properties

There are several types of locks suitable for commercial properties. Some common options include:

Mortise locks: These robust locks are suitable for heavy-duty applications and offer high resistance to forced entry.

Cylinder locks: These versatile locks allow for easy rekeying and replacement of cylinders, providing convenience and flexibility.

Keyless entry systems: Electronic locks and access control systems offer advanced security features, such as key cards, biometric recognition, and remote access control.

Exit devices: Also known as panic bars, these devices provide quick and secure exit options during emergencies, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Key Systems and Master Keying

Consider the key system for your commercial property, especially if multiple people require access to different areas. Key systems can range from traditional master key systems to more sophisticated restricted key systems, which provide additional control and security.

Master keying allows for convenient access control by providing authorised personnel with keys that can open multiple locks while restricting access to certain areas. Working with a professional locksmith ensures the implementation of an efficient and secure key system that meets your specific requirements.

Access Control and Integration

Access control systems add an extra layer of security to your commercial property. These systems enable you to manage and monitor access through various means, including key cards, proximity cards, or biometric identification.

Consider integrating your locks with access control systems for enhanced security and centralised control. This allows you to track entry and exit records, restrict access to specific areas, and grant or revoke access remotely. Integration with surveillance systems and alarms further enhances the overall security of your commercial property.


Choosing the right locks for your commercial property is essential for maintaining security and protecting valuable assets. By assessing security needs and considering lock types, key systems, and access control options, you can make informed decisions that enhance the security of your commercial property. Consult with a professional locksmith for expert advice and assistance in selecting and installing the most suitable locks for your specific commercial property requirements.