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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is a 1960s television series about the exploits of a top-secret international law enforcement agency known as U.N.C.L.E. The series was remade in 2015, with Henry Cavill playing the lead role of Napoleon Solo.

If Napoleon Solo had chosen an honest career, he could quickly fix locks. The suave and sophisticated United Network Command for Law and Enforcement agent is just as adept at picking locks as he is at stopping enemy agents. He would have come in handy if we found ourselves locked out of our house.

A house locksmith can help with various things, not just emergency services. They can help with things like changing locks, installing new ones, and even repairing existing ones. So, let us talk about these services.

Key Duplication

A locksmith can provide various services, but key duplication is among the most popular. This service is often needed when people lose their keys or want a spare set.

A house locksmith can duplicate a key in a few different ways. Another common method is to use a key-cutting machine. This machine uses a cutting wheel to copy the teeth of the key onto a blank key.

Another method that a locksmith can use is key impressioning. This method involves taking an impression of the key’s teeth and creating a duplicate key. Key duplication is a simple but essential service that a locksmith can provide. Contact a qualified locksmith to get the job done right if you need a duplicate key.


Re-keying is a great way to change your home or business locks without replacing the entire lock. It can be a brilliant option if you just moved into a new place and want to change the locks for security purposes or if you lost your keys and want to guarantee that no one else has access to your property. Re-keying is also a good option if you want to change the locks for aesthetic reasons, such as if you are going to change the colour of your door hardware.

There are a few pointers if you are considering re-keying your locks. First, you need to know what type of lock you have. There are several types of locks, each requiring another kind of key. If you are unsure what type of lock you have, a locksmith can help you identify it. 

Second, when you re-key your locks, you need to have all of your current keys with you because the locksmith will need to match the new keys to the existing ones. If you still need to get all your keys, the locksmith can make a copy of your key from the existing keys.

Finally, you need to decide how many new keys you need. You can re-key the lock if you want one unique key. However, if you need multiple keys, it is best to hire a specialist to do the job. It can be tricky to ensure that all new keys work with the existing ones.


Many different house locksmith services are available, from simple lock changes to more complex security system installations. No matter what your needs are, there is a locksmith service out there that can help. Do your research to find a reputable locksmith with the experience and expertise to meet your specific needs.

If you need help with your locks, ask for help from Coast to Country Locksmiths. As house locksmiths, we can get you out of a jam. All you need to do is call us, so contact us now for more details!