Do you own a business? If so, you have many responsibilities to keep your company successful! Everything from meeting partners to trying to address angry customers is some of the tasks you’ll generally face, but there’s one task that you may have never thought about doing: rekeying your office. Why is this important? Well, here’s exactly why you should get all your offices rekeyed occasionally.

1. Rekeying Your Office Can Improve Security

If you’re concerned about the security of your office, rekeying is a good way to improve it. By changing the keys, not only do you eliminate the risk of an unauthorized individual having access to your office, but you also update your locks for better key management.

2. Rekeying Can Be a Cost-Effective Way to Improve Security

If you’re on a tight budget, rekeying can be a more cost-effective way to improve security than installing new locks. Rekeying is also a good option if you only need to secure a few doors, as the job is quick, effective, and incredibly affordable. But of course, if you need to rekey a lot of doors, it still wouldn’t take as much time as other security solutions.

3. Rekeying Is Quick and Easy

Compared to installing new locks, rekeying is a quick and easy process. You can usually have your office rekeyed in just a few hours. But of course, that’s dependent on how many doors you want to be rekeyed.

4. Rekeying Doesn’t Require Specialized Tools or Machines

A qualified and experienced locksmith has the knowledge and understanding to efficiently rekey a reality of locks. So, when choosing a locksmith, you need to look for one that is reputable and qualified. This will prevent any issues with keys not working or cylinder failures.

5. Rekeying Is a Good Thing to Do If You Bought a New Building

When buying a new building, you do not want its previous owners to have access to it, right? So, if you want to change your office’s security code, rekeying is a good way to do it. By changing the locks, you can create a new security key code that only authorised people know.

6. Rekeying Can Be Used to Replace Lost or Stolen Keys

If you’ve lost a key or had one stolen, rekeying is a good way to secure your office. You never know what will happen to the lost keys, let alone if they were stolen. So, by changing the locks, you can make sure that the lost or stolen key can’t be used to access your office.


So, do you find yourself in a situation where you need to up your office building’s security levels? If so, get your offices rekeyed. Any of the reasons above is a great reason to get your offices rekeyed. But of course, if you do want to go this route, always be sure to work with a professional locksmith. That way, the job can be done quickly and effectively, allowing you to go about running your business unhindered and, as a result, more securely!

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